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Torch Hoses

I recently replaced my 1/4" oxy/act torch hoses, I noticed that
there were 2 different sets available for the same length, size,
appearance etc. When I inquired I was told that the grade T set was
rated for use with LP (propane) in addition to acetylene where the
grade R set was for acetylene only. The cost was about double if I
remember correctly. One other item which I haven’t seen mentioned
lately is to have an oxygen rated soap bubble solution with the torch
set to safely check for leaks.

I very much appreciate the safely info and all who share it. I
believe that tools are to be respected and used intelligently.
Ignorance and stupidity are the cause of most accidents, not the
tools, chemicals, machines etc. we use.

Dan Wellman
Speedway IN where the town is already gearing up for the Formula 1 race.