Torch hoses leaks

I need some help. My torch, which I inherited 30 years ago, had hard
stiff hoses. Since I don’t know what brand of torch it is and didn’t
want to spend a fortune, I went with the Orchid tip of using Fish
Tank hoses. The hose attachment end of the torch doesn’t have stepped
or knurlled fittings…just push on…and they now leak. Since they
are so close together, it is difficult to wrap a fine wire around the
hose, to twist tighten. I flattened an area of fine copper wire to
slide between & tighten, but I still get a super fine bubbling when
doing the soapy water test. Also the other end, which has stepped
area where hose pushes on, but now I am having leakage where the
screw on fitting meets the regulator fitting. Looking into the hose
end of that fitting I see an “o” ring that must be dry & old which is
allowing leakage as I have cleaned it well, reinstalled with no
positive results… Any Idea what to do to solve that? I live in
boonies so only welding repair place is a couple hours away. I attach
a photo of the torch. I’m sure someone will recognize the brand:. It
is smallish, larger than the “Littletorch” I owned and sold ( opps:
never part with extra tools). as I liked this one better. This has
tips marked A, B& C sizes. I would love to have the biggist size tip,
I have the small one some where but never find a use for it. Also The
plastic handle with threaded top is old and crumbled. I would imagine
some replacment parts are available if I knew what to seek. Not seen
it in tool catalogues.

Any suggestions? I have lost a half tank of oxygen since the hose
replacement project. I’m off to a show this holiday weekend but will
need to get back to work upon returning.

April Bower, in AZ

Take your whole rig to the company you buy oxygen from and buy what
they tell you to buy. You simply cannot skimp on safety!