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Torch hose for a small torch

The hose that came with my Meco Midget torch is very heavy. Is there
any type of hose made for a small torch that is more flexible and
lighter that the typical Red/Green hose that come with a new torch. I
have been told to use standard vinyl tubing bought at Lowes with a
barb type fitting at both ends (A on the torch end/B on the regulator
end). Does this make sense? What can I use that will meet my needs
and still be safe? Any thoughts are appreciated. I ordered the Meco
Midget tips from Paige that I wrote about yesterday and will report
on them once I get them on the torch and have something to report.

Rob Meixner - Jewelry

TM Technologies or “tinmantech” has a great lightweight set of hoses
for the Meco Midget. They run about $45, but are well worth it. I
recommend this hose to all my students who buy the Meco. It’s also
the torch I recommend to my students.

Jay Whaley

I have been very happy with the Ultra Light Weight Hoses that are
offered by TM Technologies, light weight, flexible with A fittings
and adapters for B included. Also their tips designed for
oxy/propane for the Mecco are great.

James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

advertises an ultra light weight hose for the Meco Midget as well as
a number of accessories for the meco torch.

I’ve heard that the clear plastic tubing works well and was (is?)
used extensively at the Revere school in San Francisco.

I personally love the ultralight hose hose that TM Technology sells;
this iswhat I have always used with oxy/propane for soldering. No
affiliation with TMT, other than a very satisfied customer.

Also Rob, you mentioned tips for the Meco Midget torch (I missed the

Again, for oxy/propane mix, I use the ones TM Tech makes. You an see
them here, lower down on the page. Looks like they have some very
cool specialized tips for acetylene as well, but I’ve personally
never used them since I’veonly been working with oxy/propane and a
Meco Midget.

Same usual disclaimer; just a satisfied customer.

I purchased a lightweight hose for my Meco Midget torch from TM
Tech. It is made by them for the Meco Midget. They specialize in
tools for making planes, I think.

The total “in hand weight is 8 oz. You can tie it in a knot. It is a
"T” grade hose. Cost last year was $45.00.

The hose is very flexible and easy to use. Quality was very good,
and it is really easy to solder with. Glad I got one.

James in California