Torch for bead making

Hi carol - good hearing from you - don’t mind replying at all on
the net - maybe this will help others with the torch ? 's I had a
lot of them if you rember. I have the Bernz O matic #JTH7 - I
bought it at M & S lumber in Monterey, Ca. it was on special
about $30 to $35 dollars, my Sears torch was not lighting
(striker gave out) & I was demoing in two weeks for the
California State Fair - needed something reliable The torch can
be controled at the valve I onlyuse half open for the enamel
beads I make, full open for the cast peices I make to solder the
pin stems,etc. and I only use propane in small tanks especially
for show demos - all you do is turn gas off & GO! Had that happen
at Santa Cruz this spring person at the next table had an
accident with alchol lamp, I shut mine off & I was out of
there-SCARRY. You can use Mapp gas or propane torch works for
both - good luck, I love mine - puts out the most heat if
necessary -I also got a lighter at Costco it is a Scripto it has
a long nose & a handel, small flame not like a lighter has! looks
like a gun (Propane Co. uses them to light gas appliances. I use
the small gas tanks by Coleman - cheap at Costco about $l.75
each, I prefere this at shows, YES I will be back in class Carol
you are one of the best teachers out there - if anyone out there
wants to learn enamels dont miss Carol Holaday - teaches
workshops in enamel & jewelry classes at Monterey Pennisula
College and Arrowmount in the spring with Susan Kingsley. Both
are great & know their art. I know I have studied with both