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Top of the line jewelers bench

Dear orchidians,

I am looking for a top of the line jewelers bench, also any
available antique benches. Please let me know where to look or how
to advertise for these thanks,

write to


I am sure I will be one of many that will point you to . They make what I call an heirloom quality
workbench. This is something that you will have listed in your Will.
I saw it at SNAG this past spring and it was an incredible piece of
work. They will even build it your way like Burger King. It is “The
John Frei Custom Workbench” and prices start at $1395.00 plus $75.00
crating charge and of course shipping. You can see it at their
website. If there is a bench better than this in the US I have yet
to find it.

I hear that Stuller has a good one. Sent an e-mail the Andy " The
Tool Guy" Kroungold at Stuller about a but never heard back from him.
That drives me to start a rant on Stuller but I will pass for now.


RC Gems

Try Otto Frei of San Frisco Cal.

I bought a bench made of maple a few years ago and I bought it Dtop
Shipment for the La. Ares, which is where the factory is It saved me
the shipping and packing chargeswhich was about $50.00 They have a
great line of benches and their prices are good.