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Tools to make oxblood coral beads

We are interested on any tool to make oxblood coral beads (2,5 mm and
3 mm diameter). In particular we need to know if your company can sell
a drilling machine able to drill the ball from the two opposite side of
the sphere at the same time.

Please if possible send your catalog to the following address:

Street address
   Rosa & Dino Robotti
   Via Pola 22,
    07041 Alghero Fertilia (SS),

Phone: +(39) 079 974 470
Fax:   +(39) 06 233 214 994
E-mail: @pietro_abruzzese

Rosa Abruzzese

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I have a small amount of oxblood Coral ( 5 - 6 oz. of larger raw
coral and some small branches of polished coral.

Is this material as toxic as shell to work ?

Are there any techniques for driling small branches (1/4 to 3/4 ") ?

Thamk You in advance.