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[Tools Supply] Singapore, kuala Lumor, Bangkok

hello everyone,

I am off for a few weeks to my favorite cites, Singapore, Kuala
Lumpur, and Bangkok, and would like to know if there are any of you
in these places that know of a store or show or at the very least a
good tool supply shop. I know of a good shop in Bangkok but not the
other two yet. Any suggestions? Also wouldn’t mind some unusual sliced
stones to put into my pieces. Any suggestions would be very much

Sharron on a warm Saigon evening with boats drifting by on the river.

There are a few shops in Singapore that you may like to try. Call Chan
Kwong Kee (S) Pte Ltd no : 227-7944 or ; Hing Kee
Hong Company phone no: 224-1766; or Kwong Seng Hardware phone no:

Hope that help.

Singapore, a garden city of the east.