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Tools shops in Los Angeles



I am travelling to Los Angeles soon and staying in the downtown
area. I would like to buy lots of tools and stuff like a tac welder
and loads of setting tools like gravers, beaders, burs and drills
etc. Can anyone please give me locations of good tools shops to visit
within LA. Thanks

Thanks very much.
Phil Walker
New Zealand


Phil Walker,

The best tool company in Los Angeles (selection and price-wise,
probably in the U.S.) is Progress tools. They have the best prices
that I know of. They are supplying the manufacturing jewelers. There
is another company that is very good, A and A jewelry supply. They
both have catalogues.

Richard Hart


Hi Phil,

Can anyone please give me locations of good tools shops to visit
within LA. 

There is a huge jewelry district in downtown LA with many tools
sellers. My two favorites are Progress Machine & Tool (645 S. Olive
St., 213-489-7262) and A to Z Jewelry Tools (414 W. 6th St.,




Progress Tools, 645 S. Olive St., LA, CA 90014; phone: 213-489-7262
(about 2 blocks so. of the Biltmore Hotel. Talk w/ George. (Eat at
Water Grill, directly behind the hotel {west of hotel on Grand Ave.
$$$$ but terrific})

A & A Jewelry Supply, 319 W. 6th St., LA, CA 90014; phone:
213-627-8004 (about 3 blocks total, south and east, from Biltmore

These are in the Jewelry District. Ask anyone at your hotel to
direct you.

Kay Taylor (I work for TOOLS; just ask my husband)


Progress and A to Z are my favs. The customer service is excellent.

I do not like A&A. I find them rude and they often don’t have what
I’m looking for even when I call first! I guess they’re too lazy to
check inventory for me on the phone.

Once at A&A, I was being rung up- at the register- and they were
pretty busy so I had waited to get to the register. Someone else
came in and the salesperson who was helping me left me, with barely
an “excuse me” and started to help the other customer. I don’t care
how small potatoes I am, that is rude! After a minute, I went up to
the salesperson and asked if he could finish my sale as I had an
appointment. He responded like I was being rude, and asked me to
wait a moment, turning back to the customer that had come in after
me. I left, didn’t buy what I planned on and have never been back.
That’s the happy day I walked down the street and found A to Z.

A to Z might not always have what you need, but they will order it if
they’re out of stock. Progress is the same way. I think A to Z might
be a bit cheaper. There’s also Saussanioun (sp?) on Olive (right near
Progress) if you’re in a pinch. They seem to have hard to find items,
but I find their prices to be a tiny bit higher than the others.



There are many depends what you are looking for.

A&A Jewlry supply for Gem Tools Display & Store Supply
A to Z for Setters tools, Torches etc
Progress for Metal Smiths, Benches etc
Sassounian for Castings & Polishing tools
NK Supply for Fox Burs,
Gaby's for General Shop Supply
Simons for General Shop Supply

They are all within 2 blocks 6th, 7th, Olive and Hill.

Queens English not spoken here. Speak Arabic or Armenian then you
can bargain. Spanglish and you got it made.

Kenneth Singh
46 Jewelry Supply
46 West 46 St,
New York, NY 10036