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Tools: Semi Yak/Info/Koil Kutter?

DAve, What is this? For cuttting jump rings? Who carries it?
Sawing jump rings is among my most aggravating tasks!

Hi, when I make J.R.s I wind it around my round nose pliers and
and cut it with my sharp edge cutters. That seems easy enough.
Please Note: When someone asks a question that we make think they
should know, we should be MORE considerate of their feelings when
answering, ie: chains plated, this should be informative and fun
for the beginner, or advanced. Have a nice day day!!! Sincerely Chris

Hi Pat,

  Dave, What is this? For cuttting jump rings? Who carries it?
Sawing jump rings is among my most aggravating tasks! 

I do a lot of cutting of jump rings and Dave’s Koil Kutter and his
winder unit are the best time and finger saving tools for this job.
(and the price is right too) I highly recommend them if you do a
lot of jump ring winding and cutting.

I agree with Nancy that it would be nice if he came up with a tube
cutter to make that job easier too.

Have a nice day.

CharDen Designs
Monterey Bay area, central California, USA
El Nino has no sympathy!!! Someone please turn off the water!

Thanks for the plug!

Hope you haven’t had any problems? Haven’t seen a post from you in
quite a while.


I’ve just finished a set of ‘inch’ sized mandrels. There are 19 in
the se t, 3/32-21/32 in. Each 1 is 1/32 in larger than the
previous. They’re 4 inch es long & slotted on 1 end. The set
includes 2 arbors that permit the larger (over 3/8 in) mandrels to
be used with the Coil Winder. Price $34.95. Thanks again for the
kinda words!


Mr. Arens;

I am exceedingly interested in this “Koil Kutter” and Coil Winder
that you have created. Where can one examine these tools and
puchase them? Perhaps you could Fax me a diagram or B&W Photo at
617 6967387. Thanx, Eben Lenz

Hi Dave,

Just finally recovering from emergency surgery on Dec 19 and
complications since then. Not sure if all is well yet but I am
feeling much better. I had the worst gall bladder my surgeon had
ever seen, it had my liver really messed up, but the gall bladder
is gone and liver is healing.

Having been ill since before Thanksgiving, I can’t believe it is
the middle of February. I missed the entire holiday season. Oh
well, there is always next year. Now I am trying to get back to
work and El Nino is not helping. Central California has not faired
too well in all this but we are better off than a lot of others in
the area. We live very close to the coast so we got a lot of gale
force winds and many trees are down, shingles blown off the roofs
(studio and house), minor flooding in the studio as the flood
waters ran down the drive and right in the front door, (fortunately
very little mud)

Good news!! The sun is finally out today (first time in 3 weeks)
and no rain is forcasted for the next 3 whole days. We will be out
trying to clean up some of the damage. I need to get back to work
and try to make up for missing the Christmas season. I hope the
tourist business will be good this year.

Glad to see you have been busy, I will keep in mind your new
mandrells and perhaps when I get things back on track financially I
can buy more toys. I hope your sales are going well, I really get
a lot of use out of your winder and cutter. It is really one of
the best tool purchases I have made. While I was ill, Dennis used
the winder and cutter and made me thousands of jump rings. This
kept me from going crazy while I was laid up and atleast I felt
like I was accomplishing something. I made many bracelets and

Hope you are doing well. Thanks for noticing I was gone.
CharDen Designs