Tools, pickle, and casting a bracelet

Many thanks to all Orchidians who have posted or emailed me off-list.
Your generosity is overwhelming.

OK, first topic: Dumped the Sparex (yes, neutralized first), got some
swimming pool acid. Cheap, effective, works great. No more pond scum
and I can see my work in the pot. Great advice.

Second topic: Several great recommendations on casting houses that
might be able to do my bracelet…consensus is definitely for
sterling, not fine, silver. Encouraging words all around for the
potential to finally get a decent production run for this poor cuff.
And lots of wonderful about the casting process itself.
Wow. I’ll post in a few weeks with the outcome of the next attempt.

Third topic: Right on about the Dazor lamp. Yep, it’s pricey, but it
made the difference between working with just plain tiny beads and
working with REAAAAAAALLLY tiny beads. In my two-bedroom townhouse I
have two Dazors, a desk model and a rolling stand one.The roller
shuttles between the living room for beadwork and the kitchen for

Aside from the shadow-free work area it provides, the counterbalance
design means that it won’t ever tip over into my lap. After messing
around with cheap alternatives for years, I am so glad to have sprung
for the Dazor. Not too portable, but that’s what those cheap drugstore
magnifying eyeglasses are for. I wear two pair at once when working
outside the house…it always answers that question beaders
get…“Wow, isn’t that hard on your eyes?”

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