Tools in New York City


We may be going to New York City week after next. Looking mostly for
tools (even used ones). Does anyone have any specific paces we must
try - we have only one day.

Thanks for ideas,

New ad used tools galore can be found at metaliferous on 47th st.

Allen/ Indigo

I like to go to Metalliferous ( Their website
says they will be closed from 12/23 to 1./1 though ( I don’t know
when your trip is)


I ventured to a couple of weekend ago for the first
time. Great place but it gets crowded and it’s hard to maneuver
around the store. The staff is helpful though if you are looking for
something in particular. They have books, some tools but most of
their store contains metal. It’s worth checking out at least but keep
in mind their hours (they are closed Sundays)

-Lauren Anabela


Two that I would recommend are Allcraft and Kenneth Singh’s 46 St.
Jewelry Supply.

Joel Schwalb

If you can you should visit Kenneth Singh’s store “46th Street
Jewelry Supply” 46 West 46th Street, midtown Manhattan, near the
diamond district.

Michael David Sturlin


I really like 46 Jewelry Supply (46 East 46th St. - on 46th between
5th and 6th). Kenneth Singh is one of our Orchidians. I’ve always had
great service and excellent prices from them on tools and displays.

If you’re looking for the “little” tools such as pliers, mandrels,
stakes, tumblers, etc., it’s worth stopping into Metalliferrous (same
side of the street as 46, just a few doors down and on the second
floor) as well. They have both used and new in addition to their

Have fun!

Karen Goeller
No Limitations Designs

For Tools in New York, number 1 is Kenneth Singh, of 46th Jewelry.
Ken is known to many of us, not only in the New York area, but to the
many other shows he participates in.

I love the set up in Tucson, believe me, he almost hauls his entire
store. I have seen him crew and all at MJSA also.

Kenneth is a strong supporter of Orchid and a friend to many.