Tools for sale

Dear all I have some tools I want to sell; Gem Pro refractometer,
unscratched , like new $380 St. Louis investing machine, no more air
bubbles, invest and mix under vacuum-fool proof- I spent $1,000 and
will sell for $750 5 CFM vacuum pump, I changed the oil on this
religiously. $350 You pay any shipping, discount for all 3 items.
Contact me off list at @Patania_s Sam Patania, Tucson

Just to let you know, it was studio cleaning time here, and I have
put some of my excess tools on ebay. There is a great Steamshine
steam cleaner, a Gesswein split lap polisher, two torches, a Tanita
digital scale and some other misc. items. My seller name on ebay is
Ebay seller id removed . If you go to ebay and do a
seller search, you will get a list of all items.

Contact @Karen1 for more

Karen Olsen Ramsey

Ooops…forgot…also a Kerr wax injector on my list of tools for
sale on ebay…