Tools for removing tool marks

Question in the title - what would be the best course for getting rid of marks around the bezels? I made a similar bracelet a few days ago and all went smoothly, but as seems to often be the case with me the second one didn’t go so well with the stone setting. I think I know how to avoid such marks next time but I’d like to get this one fixed. Any tips appreciated. (fyi this is argentium with natural zircon, tanzanite & sapphire).

well, i think you would use the same philosophy as removing marks in other places…you would use progressively finer abrasives to remove the surface metal until you get past the depth of the marks…

an important consideration would be using abrasive tools that can access the area you want to work on…ie: for rubber/ silicone wheels/ points you can shape them (with a dressing stone or old file) to the size/ shape you need to fit in the area you are working on

for example, i have seen an interesting technique where a large ball bur is used to hollow out the end of a rubber/ silicone cylinder, which then fits over a round bezel to polish the top edge without hitting the stone…

some products such as rubber pumice wheels and Zam can be safe around some stones

a slim steel burnisher could be used to burnish/ rub the metal smooth…



A burnisher - brilliant, I forgot about that. Will give it a go.


I just discovered zam and fabulustre…wooooow!