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Tools for jewelry repair shop

Hello can anybody tell me what are the most important tools to have
in a jewelry repair shop? I want to buy some tools but I need someone
to tell me the most important tools to have. Thank you. Alberto

Tools,eh? Apart from “needing customers”, the most important thing you
might need is a decent, good working rolling mill. The next piece of
apparatus is a polishing machine that has a strong suction, ( for
health reasons). In the bottom of the sink you could look into a
"jewellery retrieval unit" to capture any dropped jewellery items that
were accidentally dropped down the sink. (not as important! but it
helps.) A good dependable (heating and timer controlled) "ultra-sonic"
cleaning machine, a strong steam machine / with 40 lbs.+ pressure. I am
sure now lots of ‘our’ friends can chime in with their other
suggestions! “gerry, the cyber-setter,eh!”…

First of all, you need a properly designed bench and a comfortable
chair, you will be spending a lot of time sitting at your bench. And
good lighting. A combination of incandescent and fluorescent works for
me. The general process for repairs includes:

  1. setup or preparation of the item to be repaired, can include
    cleaning, reforming, and making fixtures to position the item

  2. the repair process- usually soldering, sometimes remaking or
    replacing parts

3.clean-up and pre finishing the repaired item

  1. polishing, final cleaning, and protective packaging of the
    repaired item.

The major items you need are a gas-oxygen torch and accessories; a
flex shaft or micro motor and abrasive wheels and bits; a collection
of hand tools such as pliers, files, mandrels, mallets and hammers; an
ultrasonic or other cleaning system; and a buffing machine.

Almost every jeweler I know has a collection of favorite tools that
are distinct and different from anyone else’s tool collection. What
you use and how you use your tools is a matter of training and what is
available. I am still collecting tools as I need them after 30 plus
years at the bench.

Good luck
Rick Hamilton