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[Tool time] Lace making

Dear Tool Timers,

These items are from our small tool specialist friends Micro-Mark -
( and Model Expo - ( Both of
these sources sell scale modeling supplies and tools (model airplanes,
ships in bottles, plastic army tanks etc). I have both catalogs and
many of the same products are shown. I suppose it’s like Rio and
Gesswein only a different clientele. I have purchased items from both
sources and cannot complain about quality or service.

I stumbled upon this item after reading a bit from the lace makers.
Again I have not done lace making but I have to find tools for all you
folks as well as myself now you know. Anyway this thing is called a
Loom-A-Line. Here’s a description. Tie perfect knots and ensure equal
tension on all your lines. A small handy rigging jig. Made of sturdy
plastic with 30 brass studs 10" x 8". This thing would be used for
making miniature ship rigging. Well, couldn’t this also be a metal
wire loom? Micro-Mark list it for $15.95. Model Expo lists it for
$11.95 on sale. For that price I might buy one & just try it out.

The second thing I found (while thinking about rigging) is a book
called The Art of Rigging by G. Biddlecombe (whoever that is). Model
Expo has in it’s book section. This book is listed at $8.95 so it
wouldn’t be a budget buster. I would think this book might have some
different ideas that could be applied to lace making.

All for now and best regards,

TR the Teacher,
Todd Hawkinson