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[Tool time] Allset System



I was wondering if anyone out there uses the Allset system for
stone setting. It just seems it would take the guess work out of
measuring constantly how far to drill your seat. Opinions



Hi DeDe

To tell the truth I v been uesing it for about a year. The only
time I ues it is when Im setting a lot of stones the same size it
saves a lot of time, but it takes some time to get use to it. The
bur gides could be a better metal, and I think a set screw should
be used over the lock nuts. I do like though. Ihave the compleat

Ture comming soon.


Hello Dede! Here I am again Dede. Not such good news, however!
The all set system is well intended and quite indispensable for
some stonesetting. However as a daily setter I could set circles
around it; with a mixed bag of setting jobs in the job box.
Conversely, if had to set a multitude of say 4 mm diamonds in
4-prong studs I would wish I had the tool. Nearly half the time
would be saved, cutting the seats with an Allset. I disagree
with promoting this tool as a channel setting tool. The tendency
to cut a “trough” for the stones is unwise in my opinion (I did
my very first channel ring that way, redid the ring for the
store correctly). Each stone has to be seated individually for
any chance of staying tight.

The Allset has some major benefits for wax carving. That is a
good reason to own one. I do a lot of steps and borders in wax
that would be faster with the Allset.

For anything stonesetting wise, you should only be purchasing
this for production stonesetting. If you could set 10 at least
of the same size or more it would be sensible. Too set a pair of
studs, you could have both seats cut before you had it even set

My two cents worth.