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Tool & supply store in miami or orlando?


Hello people I am planning a trip to Florida for next month and was
wondering if any of you know a good tool and supply store near the
Miami or Orlando area. I need basically a couple of anvils, some
files (mine are all worn out), catches and tumbling media.

Thanks for any help

Julieta Odio Bernardi
San Jose, Costa Rica


Julieta, Call Juan at ICG there in Barreal de Heredia (forgive the
spelling). They are mfg but may be able to sell you some tools.
Otherwise if memory serves me Rosenthal’s jewelry supply is down
there in miami. yup, just did a search, their address is 146 N.E. 1st
Street Miami FL, 33132 # is 305-371-5661, ask for “Tina” i think.
used them for years, shipped through Romi’s there in miami down to
Juan in San Juan. also found “METRO JEWELRY SUPPLY MIAMI FL 33132
305-372-8636” don’t know them from a hole in the wall but its a shot
hope it helps andrew goodell


Downtown Miami For Tools check with Rosenthal Jewelry Supply
excellent source. They have a store and a warehouse. They carry
quality products. For Findings try at the Metro Jewelry Center
Stuller and other dealers are located there. Regards Kenneth Singh


Julieta, I suggest The Mine Shaft at 1301 West Copans Rd, Bldg D, Ste
2, Pompano Beach, FL…Phone 954-917-7821. they are one light west
of I95 on Copans Road on the right side…second row of buildings.

Just a satisfied customer…

If you do get to the Pompano Beach/Boca Raton area, stop by to see
our jewelry studio at the Countess Henrietta de Hoernle School of Art
on West Palmetto Park Road. Call at 954-392-2503

Cheers, Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1


missed the first of the posting seeking sources for tools & supplies
in orlando &/or miami - one my home town & the other my
home-away-from-home growing up & beyond. orlando is the locale for - ‘florida discount jewelers tools’ (whatever) at
1-800-323-6091. address is 1180 solana ave., winter park 32789-2333
(a toney metro orlando area) then in the metro miami area - actually
pompano beach - is the graves company (cabmate maker, etc.) it’s at 1800 andrews ave. pompano beach, 33069
phone: 1-800-327-9103. that should run the gamut of most hardware
supply needs - a good way to have a list ready is to go to 'google’
for orlando & then ‘pompano beach’ & narrowing the search within
those two to ‘jewelry supplies’ - at least that how we computer
illegitimates do it - good luck -



Julietta, I agree with Don, Fred at the Mine Shaft is a great guy to
deal with. Don’t come any better. No BS and straight to the point.
Best regards. Neil George 954-572-5829