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Tool Suppliers, Germany

   JANBARKER wrote, "This may be a silly question but have you
considered mail ordering your tools and basic materials?" 

Certainly not a silly question. :slight_smile: I actually do order things from
the US many times. Believe it or not, they can be cheaper, even with
shipping. Taxes are really high here. But then there’s the tool or
part that I realize I need to finish whatever it is I’m working on,
or to prepare for a new class, etc., that won’t get here fast enough
if I order it. Or, I want to see it in person first & talk with the
store clerk & see if it’s the one I need. You, know, those kind of
things. But when I know it’s something that I will need and have the
time to wait, and I know I can get it cheaper by mail, then I go that
route no problem. And, as I said, many things I can also get from my
teacher, and cheaper than at the store, so that’s an easy way to go,
too. It would just be nice if I knew of a store that was closer,
too. Although I know what you meant about the “impulse buying”.
While the store clerk goes off to get the larger things, there are
those shelves right by the counter with all kinds of other goodies,
and I always end up bringing a few home. Or the books behind the
counter, or the “closeout” shelves nearby, or, or… hee hee


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