Tool organization

Thought I would share. Designed my own bur and tool holder in Matrix and printed on my 3d printer. Its based on an old wood design I got from Stuller years ago. Just made it larger to hold all my burs and flex shaft tools. Stands 300mm tall. Organized the burs in order of what I use more often so I’m not constantly spinning the tower. Love this thing. Keeps everything nice and handy and not spread out all over the bench. Also just completed a new holder for my pliers. Saves space and easy to grab without knocking anything over.


Share the file? Love it!

OK, I think I figured this out.
This should be a link to dropbox for 2 files. The STL file and also a 3DM file in case anyone wants to change the order of the burs on each side. Would need to union the titles and difference the holes.


That’s great! Thank you :pray:

Great job, thanks for sharing…Rob

Thank you so much for sharing this!!! :heart::pray:t2::heart:

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Welcome Evangelina!

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welcome to our community… thanks for joining.

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How much to make one for me?

Unfortunately, not a service I can provide. Which is why I shared the files. Most cities these days do have people that will do printing for you. Might be the best option. Sorry.

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