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Tool list... other than jewelry

Please pardon that this is not directly jewelry related. Can I
safely assume that many may be like me and have some interests in
addition to jewelry? I happen to enjoy woodworking and old tools. A
gentleman by the name of Patrick Leach is an excellent source. You
can see one of his lists at

If you’d like to subscribe you can send a request to [leach at
supertool dot com]

Thank you for your indulgence. I don’t intend this as a commercial
pitch, simply as a good source.

Mike DeBurgh
MD Designs

Please pardon that this is not directly jewelry related. 

Another source is your local tool collecting club. I used to belong
to the Rocky Mountain Tool Collectors. Their monthly meetings were
mostly a swap meet for tool collectors. Hard core tool collectors
scour garage sales, estate sales, and auctions for collectable tools.
They buy box lots of tools for one or two collectable tools then sell
the rest as user tools. Mostly it’s a lot of woodworking tools but I
have found many machinist, jewelry, and watchmaking tools as well.
Plus there is always a useful piece of steel or broken tools begging
to be repurposed.

The old tool collector motto is: He who dies with the most tools
wins. And God help the widow of what’s known in tool collecting
circles as a “tonnage collector.” That’s a person who either collects
wrenches or anvils…

Rick Copeland
Silversmith and Lapidary Artisan