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Tool Junkies


Metalsmiths do not have anything over lapidaries when it comes to
tools. My shop is so cluttered with machines that it is difficult
sometimes to work.

Last summer I picked up an old 14" lapidary saw. It was in
miserable shape. The feed for the vice was missing, the feed screw
bent, and the whole saw inside and out was caked with sludge and
grease. On Monday of this week I got tired of it being in the way and
not being used. I decided to fix it. Today is Thursday and one more
trip to buy a new 3/4 horse motor and about an hour to install it
should make the saw useable. Three days of work and $300 dollars
later I should have a workable saw. Tools are sometimes my life.
Without them cutting rocks would be a real chore.

Gerry Galarneau