[Tool] Hammer handpiece


I’m thinking of getting a hammer handpiece, and would like to
know members suggestions about which ones to get and which ones
to avoid. I primarily want do texturizing. Although i’m not
certain about using them for stone setting.


Virginia Lyons

Virginia: You will find the Foredom hammer piece the most
popular. You can do many different kinds of textures with it and
channel bezel or flush-set stones as well. A very helpful piece
of equipment. Foredom handpieces are available thru most any
major supplier and parts are readily available.

Hope this helps;
Steve Klepinger

Dear Virginia, Regarding your question about a hammer handpiece,
a lot depends on your personal usage, are you a lifetime
professional or casual hobbyist(?). Do you want a tool for
today’s needs, or one that will “grow” with your expertise? I
have used a hammer handpiece, and found it to be serviceable, but
now use a GRS System 3 tool, and it is like the difference
between a go-kart and a BMW. I have no relationship with the
company, but strongly recomend their products. Yes, more money,
plus the need of a compressor, but well worth the investment. If
I were an engraver (or wannabe), I would have gone to the bigger
systems they offer, but the System 3 is plenty for me. Good luck,

Virginia, Badeco seems to be the most durable hammer for use
with a flex shaft. We have several in the shop and never have had
a problem.

Mark P.