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Tool donation?

Hi So Cal … Does anyone know of an LA County school or some other
organization that benefits less advantaged students that would put
some of my “extra” hand tools to good use? I don’t know what/how
many…I just know that I have tools I don’t need and would like to
give them where they will help provide continuing opportunity .
(Yes, there is a local art center I could give them too…but we
have already donated a lot to them and it is hardly for the under privileged.)
Thanks, Marianne

Are you sure that your local art center doesn’t help the
underprivileged? Lots of centers have extensive programs for the
needy (at risk kids, hospital-bound kids, etc.) that are funded in
part by the ‘normal’ art classes.

Donating the tools to an organization that will put them directly in
the hands of the folks who need them the most is a great idea,