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[Tool Auction] Riverbend Art Center's tools

Sat. April 2nd. The city of Dayton Ohio is auctioning off the
Riverbend Art Center’s tools. Stakes, anvils, kilns, rolling mills
(one Durston D-4-158), a 20 ton press, etcetera, etcetera. View (sort
of) pictures and list of items at Kramer & Kramer Auctions. Web site

Christopher Arnett

It looks like it was a really well equipped community shop. Looking
at the gear, it’s clear that somebody was a gifted improviser. (I
especially liked the drill-press vises bolted to the bowling balls
by way of impromptu engraving balls.

Heartbreaking watching it all go. Anybody know what happened? (or who
was teaching there?)


I don’t want to bloviate until I know for sure why the studio’s being
wiped out, but part of me can’t help thinking “Pay attention. This is
where things are going” One more gone…

The center closed a couple of years ago. It has been around for as
long as I can remember, at least the sixties. They held an annual
event, Art In The Park on memorial day weekend. It is my
understanding the reason was city budget cuts.

I have only taken a couple of classes there, about fifteen years ago
(enameling and faceting), and didn’t get to know too many of the
instructors very well. I think most were retirees that had been
taking classes themselves.

I do drive past almost every day and when they were open they seemed
to have a lot of cars in the parking lot. However the arts always
seem the take a back seat to projects that draw more attention for
the politicians.

Enough said or I’ll really start to rant.


Just what I was thinking Brian. There is a place for public support
of the arts! Hopefully this didn’t go the way a public art center I
was involved in did, public support dropping to zero until a small
group of 4 volunteers were all that was keeping it running. I wish I
could make it to this auction! Even if it means breaking my ban on
going to Ohio this year.

Ben Brauchler