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Tool alert

Another posting for all you tool hounds. I was at Sam’s wholesale
club yesterday and found a oak machinists tool cabinet for $88. I have
been drooling over this type cabinet for years and could never justify
the cost. Check it out for those of you that are near one of these
stores and have a membership. You won’t be disappointed. (disclaimer
goes here etc. etc.)Frank Goss

I have not heard about Sam’s wholesale club, perhaps I have not been
paying attention. What part of the world is this club in. BG

Cosco,another of the so called savings club stores,also carries the
oakwood,multiple drawer,tool chest. Just in case you don’t have a
Sams Club.Best wishes to all,John Barton


Sam’s Clubs are the Wal-mart warehouse stores. The ones I’ve seen are
next door to Wal-marts. So, they’re in the US. Naturally, they have a
website and luckily, a store locator:

Christine in lovely Littleton, MA, USA, where we are still enjoying
dry and cool autumn weather.

Hi, everyone,

Sam’s Club is in the Northeast of the United States . They also have
a website I am prety sure you can locate a store
through the site.

On a related note, I would like to thank SilverFoot for the posting
about the FlexShaft. I bought one and it works great for me. Thank
You all !

Vera Battemarco

Hi, all. I just got home from looking at the oak tool chests at
Sam’s Club. It looks like a well made chest and is $89. But what
looked even better to me was a solid oak tool cabinet which stands
about 34" high and is on casters. Lots of nice drawers, etc. It
costs $199. gini from Florida, visiting the NC mountains.

Sam’s Wholesale Club is the warehouse version of WAL-Mart. You have
to buy a annual membership for around $30. Most of the time what ever
you want to buy comes in quantities of more than one or if a single
item the size is larger than at a typical retail store. There usually
aren’t any fancy display cases, stuff is displayed in the boxes it
ships in, the side of the box may be cut out so the contents are
displayed. Most large towns that have a Wal-Mart or 2 may have a
Sam’s club. It’s named after Sam Walton, the founder of Wal-Mart.


Gini, My son bought one of thrtool cabinets on casters and it is
great. I wish I had the space for one and my wifes permission, but
out of luck on both. I saw your picture with the National Metalsmith
Hall of Fame award for Mr London. Very nice. Harold Momany

                           West Palm Beach