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Tom Newton - Jewelry Gallery

Thurso, Caithness. UK
Just us

Just us leather designs started 5yrs ago. We have an arts background and with some knowledge of dyes and techniques of leather work we decided to move from artwork (painting) to use a medium new for us. We have been working with artwork (paintngs) for 25 yrs.

Our work is hand produced ( hand formed and machine free )
We use high quality leather which is tanned in a natural way using nine different sorts of wood, berries and leaves and chemical free. The finished work is water repellent and is worn outdoors. The nine designs we have are our own designs so are original. They can be brooches, necklaces or hair accessories.

Based in Thurso, North Scotland our area is very quite and remote from the rest of the Scottish towns. We are hoping to find outlets for our work and we work full time with the collections

Materials: leather and dyes Dimensions: 5cm

natural leather and leather dyes, leather necklace or brooch

Photo credit: Just us

Large 5 petal

Materials: leather and dye
Dimensions: 7 cm

Brooches necklaces or hair clip
Hand formed and dyed

Photo credit: Just us


Materials: leather an dye
Dimensions: 9cm

leather and dye hand work. Necklace with leather strap with wooden beads to adjust.

Photo credit: Just us


Materials: leather and dyes
Dimensions: 7cm across

leather and dyes (chemical free )

brooches or necklaces. Shades and tones in red, blues and yellow/greens

Photo credit: Just us

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8 petal

Materials: leather and dyes
Dimensions: approx 7cm across

Natural, chemical free leather and dyes
brooch or necklace with leather strap which has wooden beads to adjust length

come sin all shades of red, yellows and blues

Photo credit: Just us

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Choker (necklace)

Materials: Leather and dyes
Dimensions: 16cm in length

Leather work : hand dyed and cut : leather strap with wooden beads for adjustment
comes in various pastel shades and tones of reds, blues and yellow/green

Photo credit: Just us