To Bola, or not to Bola?

With my apologies to Mr. Shakespeare! :slight_smile:

I recall a thread a couple months ago where people had rather
distinct feelings about bola ties… either for or against. I
recently added an image to my Web site of a bola I completed a
short while ago. While I’m not saying it’s going to change
anyone’s mind, you might find it interesting.

If you want to see it (and some other stuff, also recently
updated), check out this URL: There’s also another,
more traditional bola down toward the bottom.

P.S. The newest images were taken with my new Sony digital
camera. Still kind of learning how to get the best images…

I’d be glad to hear any feedback!


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hey Dave Cool bola! Great idea! Dave

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Clever idea with the earrings! Good pics. With a young
family,the new camera should be fun. What kind of printer are you
using with it. I know that there are some new printers out that
are supposed to give �near� photographic prints.

Marilyn Smith

Hi Marilyn!

Funny you should ask about the printer! I just bought a DeskJet
722C. Its a brand new model, and does amazing things on plain
paper. Awesome color printing! The funny thing is that since
it’s a 600dpi (I believe) printer, and the images from the
digital camera are 640x480, they print about the size of a
postage stamp! On screen (or on a Web page) 640x480 is fine,
because you’re only doing 72dpi (or 75 on a Mac). Of course,
software does allow me to enlarge for printing, but I think I may
lose some image quality…

The digital camera (Sony MVC-FD7) actually stores the image in
.JPG format on a standard IBM format floppy disk. No expensive
ROM cards, cables, software, etc. I was skeptical, but it
actually does a great job with macro photography… you can put
the lens within about 2" (~3.5cm) of your subject! Also has a
10X zoom, a rechargeable battery and a couple other bells &

I realized after I sent the earlier mail that there is an easy
way to tell which images on my Web site were shot with the
digital camera. All those with a stone background are new. I
haven’t used stone before… just paper or fabric. I am still
tinkering with .JPG compression. The more aggressive you are
with compression, the more image degradation you get. Still
trying to strike a balance between small file sizes (quick
download) and image quality.

The only drawback to the camera (other than the price) is the
length of time it takes to actually spin up the disk drive and
store the image. In the store and in the studio it’s not an
issue. When you’re trying to take pictures of an energetic 20
month old toddler, the several seconds can seem an eternity! :slight_smile:


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hello Dave! Great idea on the bola.

On the images on the web site what a lot of people do is to
create a small image that loads with the page. Then you link to
a different page with a larger image for those who want to look
closer at.

When you print out the images on your printer are you checking
with a page preview to see what size the actual image will be.
Most of the programs that are used for editing images will allow
you to resize the the image.

To avoid the image degradation switch from jpeg or gif to tif in
a photo editing program. Warning! The size of the images will
expand tremendously use a Jazz drive to do the expansion to if
you can if you are using a 640 X 480 format with 24 bit color
the size can shoot up over 10 to 18 megs on a single image if
there is a lot of color. Ed Ward