To all members of JAMS

To all members of JAMS (all Orchid viewers), prospective
members, and those who do not even know what JAMS stands for yet:

As the pre-founder of JAMS: Jewelers Adopting the Metric System,
it is time for me to pass the torch on to a new generation of
jewelers. In other words, I resign.

There has been a ground swell of interest in our infant group
and I am unable to lead further. Now we need bylaws, a charter,
incorporation papers, lawyers, a logo, a press agent, financial
backing, a home office, a home page, a full time executive
officer, group insurance plans, telephone savings plans,
conference plans, vacation plans and a bonus payment plan for
the pre-founder.

Just kidding, of course. But seriously, there has been a lot of
interest in the conversion of the jewelry industry from the
stupid English system we Yanks inherited, to the Metric system
that the rest of the intelligent world uses. The response, both
on Orchid and off, has been 100% favorable (which only means that
those who don’t think metrics are the way to go, are keeping

If anybody is serious about this and wants to pick up the ball,
go for it. Personally, I could not imagine taking on another
single committment for myself right now. I think this is a worthy
cause but wonder if there really is the need for an organized
movement, or just the agreement among us to use metric-speak as
our first language. Therefore, the forum is open to anybody who
has a suggestion.

A note of thanks:

…to all who responded to what was originally a request for
International Ring Size Equivalents. After receiving many
versions of the same sloppy chart, I realized that it was not
good enough for my purpose. All of them are difficult to read,
inaccurate and incomplete. So I am creating on a visual
comparison, showing 8 ring mandrels, side by side, each with a
different scale. In this manner, it will be very easy to see and
understand the different systems and compare sizes across them.
This graphic will be part of a book I am completing, Professional
Ring Repair, which was the reason I asked for in the
first place. PRR is the first in a series of books about
repairing fine jewelry, and it should be available in March. The
finished graphic will be posted on our web site for all to see
and copy. Look for it in March.

If anybody has further about comparative ring sizes,
please post it on Orchid for all to see.

Alan Revere
Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts
San Francisco

I don’t want to be misconstrued as taking up the ball that Alan
has handed to someone, but, If we ever expect to go metric it
must come from the manufactuers. I.E. We cannot covert to metric
ring sizes if we don’t have acess to metric ring sticks and ring
sets. So… Elaine at Gesswien, or anyone else who works at
that end of the business, how do we get that accomplished? Who
can we all E-Mail to express our opinion?


Ray The best way I can think of is to start ordering what you buy
in metric sizes. If a large portion of the people who buy
supplies would order in metric the wholesalers and jobers would
jump the fence to follow the money. Regards Joe