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TIX solder

To all of you and your helpful suggestions many thanks to my soldering

I ended up using TIX solder in attaching the beads to wire that was
being difficult. The beads were soldered on both sides of the bead to
the wire so they should stay put. A few questions concerning TIX
solder now that it is all done.

Do people’s skin react to the TIX solder? Can it be pickled?

I dropped the whole necklace into the pickle to remove the flux and
whiteout and ended up with a startling red plating. I had used the
pickle the day before without copper plating.

Bill in Vista on a beautiful sunny day

about the best you can expect, with tix solder is steam it off, its
melting point is so low you can melt it polishing the area. and any
repair is not guaranteed. if it is rough handled it will come apart.
It is nowhere near as hard as a silver solder. but is most usefull in
costume and plated work.

Rick in KC

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