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The golf club shafts make gentle sounding wind chimes. Much nicer
than aluminum or copper. Plus they can be heat colored for very
little more effort. A permanent finish. Hey, everyone has to play a

Completely agree: what a great idea! I have a titanium mountain
bike. I wonder…!

Actually, this post is to say that with very little effort,
Titanium can also be anodised to much clearer colours than are
available with heat. I have been doing it between 4 and 28 volts
with a normal school lab- pack and an electrolyte of sulphuric
acid, though it is apparently even better if you use very high
voltages. The advantage of this over heat colouring is that the
colour will go on evenly if you require it: very difficult to do
with heat.

Contact Reactive Metals Studios for info. and materials. (I can’t
find the URL, but a browser search will find them easily.)

As to toxicity: I don’t think so, as a dentist pal of mine makes
titanium screws to hold false teeth into the jaw bone.

Yours aye,
Dauvit Alexander,
Glasgow, Scotland.