Titanium ring

Hello everyone. I have been around for sometime and have just
finished gathering info from MANY sources to help be ID man-mad
Amethyts and will have it ready to poist soon. But right now I need
help finding a titanium ring for a man. I need a 5 or 6mm titanium
ring for a sizes 11.5. I am a gem dealer and sold a daughter of a
friend some stones for her wedding ring and they ask for my help
with a titanium ring. Can anyone help me with this? William

Hello William, I can help you several different types of titanium
rings. But you have to be more specific what kind of model your
customer wants, round, flat half round to the inside , half round to
the outside, concave, tension setting, ring with a gold strap in its
shank, polished, brushed, or etched. I can make anything.

Greetings from the Netherlands

Martin Niemeijer

www.ringrever.com is Exotica Jewelry they have a full line. Search
for titanium wedding rings and you will find many more sites
available. Bill

william/there is a web site called www.titaniumweddingrings.com not
too $$$ at all! joanna

Check with Chris and Sandy Booth. www.ringsforever.com
They have been making Ti rings ‘forever’! ‘Red’

Suggest you contact Spectore Corp in Florida (T: 954-481-8422)and
ask for Ed Rosenberg.

Spectore Corp. produces a complete range of Titanium jewelry,
including wedding bands, etc., with gold, platinum and other exotic
metal combinations.

Good Luck
Crafford-LaserStar Technologies


Look at my website and I can make you any ring you want. Wholesale
prices for specific styles given on request.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs