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Titanium Pipe

Any high speed steel (HSS) hacksaw blade or jeweller’s saw blade
should cut ordinary commercial titanium reasonably easily. If the
blade clogs, you can either spray the blade with something like WD40
or CRC, or alternatively rub a candle on the blade. Copper and
aluminium also tend to clog blades. I often cut thin gauge aluminium
sheet with the finest jig saw blade I can buy, but it clogs almost
immediately. Very frequent sprays of WD40 or CRC565 will not only
cool it, but will stop it clogging. I have often cut an 8 foot sheet
of 18SWG aluminium lengthwise with a hand held jig saw in just a few
minutes, with a spray can in the other hand. – Cheers for now, John
Burgess; @John_Burgess2 of Mapua Nelson NZ