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Titanium pipe

I want to cut titanium pipe to make rings, but the pipe cutting
blades that I use one my hand held plumber pipe cutter are just not
hard enough to cut the titanium, anyone have any ideas, especially
ideas that aren’t really expensive?

Hello Paul, Try to use better saw blades made of HSS (high speed
steel). Use a low sawing speed and some cutting oil to keep the
friction and there for the heat build up, as low as possible. Titanium
will likely build up on the cutting edge of the tool and when large
enough break of with a small piece of tooth. so you have a fast
wearing of the sharp edges of tools. I use now a days hard chrome
plated files, the are very good.

Martin Niemeijer

Howdy Folks, In my admittedly limited experience with titanium, and
in concert with what I’ve read, I’d suggest that HAND tools can work
it with a little beeswax or even dry in the case of filing. However,
it’s very low heat conductivity means POWER tools will need a
coolant. Soapy water is often suggested but other water-based
mixtures used by machinists or perhaps as used in smaller lapidary
saws would probably be OK too. Although it seems unlikely to be an
issue in a jewelers studio environment, machining titanium can cause
dust particle fires. just fyi Carl 1 Lucky Texan