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Titanium Pick

Hi, and Help. I can’t find my titanium pick. I have used that
same pick every since I started soldering. I can order a new one
but I have 3 orders waiting for jump rings to be soldered. Can I
use something else? Once I got the hang of melting the solder
onto the pick and then heating the jumpring and transferring the
solder to it, I felt like I had the answer to the universal
question. What do I do now? Kathi Parker --MoonScape Designs

Hi there. You could try using a coat hanger. Cut it so it’s
about 8" long, and grind one end to a point. Hope it helps. Ben

If you want, some bicycle shops ( high-end mountain bikes ) sell
titanium spokes. Light weight and shock absorbing. You might try
one of them to see if they have a spoke or two you could have.
Stick it in a handle, and away you go.


Check with a Bicycle Shop in your area. No kidding, they may
have bent Titanium spokes they’ll give you. File a point and you
have a very effective(free) pick. This may be one of Charles’
“Cheap Thrills,” I don’t recall where I first saw it.


Kathi: the videos I had showed extensive use of soldering picks.
The guy made his out out of just a plain old piece of steel rod
sharpened to a point. Doesn’t need to be titanium…Dave
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Kathy: I sent a reply and don’t see it posted. All you need is a
thin steel rod sharpened to a point which will do exactly the
same thing. This was demonstrated on the videos I just
Crystalguy Art Jewelry, Magical Art Jewelry for the Enlightened Mind

A pick can be made out of a section of coat hanger that has a
point ground on the end of it. It=B9s a good idea to put a bend on
the other end so that you don=B9t pick it up by the wrong end when
it=B9s hot. I have heard that a bicycle spoke will also work. The
solder will tend to stick to these. If you need it tonight, it is
worth trying one of these. Good luck!

Marilyn Smith

Hi, and Help. I can’t find my titanium pick. Can I use something
else? What do I do now? Kathi Parker --MoonScape Designs

A wood pencil work well for a solder pick. It must be wood with
lead or graphite core. The solder won’t flow onto it , but it
works great for picking up solder. Just burn back about 1 inch
and then sharpen the lead with a file , and you have an instant,
cheap and reusable solder pick.


I used stainless steel tweezers for years for gold soldering.
Didn’t know about titanium or tungsten soldering picks.

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G’day, Kathi: I live in New Zealand and it is hard to get
anything that’s out of the way. So I bought a pair of earrings
of titanium wire - about 16-18 gauge from a local shop,
straightened them out, mounted them each in a piece of wooden
dowel, blunt-pointed the business end, gave one to my mate, and
we have been using them ever since - about 3 years now. A wee
bit costly, but well worth it. But don’t heat it too high with
an oxy/gas flame. It’ll stand orange heat repeatedly. Cheers,

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you can use a coat hanger just cut it file a point and put a
some flux on and start soldering

my bike shop gives the broken titanium spokes to lucky me :slight_smile:
gratis. ask around, once the spokes are broken they are no good
to them.


To fashion a quick pick, you can cut a piece of metal coat
hanger, and grind the tip to a point…you can mount this in a
piece of a wooden dowel, or just make it a little bit longer, and
bend the end in to a circle…melt the solder on the fire brick
and then pick it up with this type of pick, if the solder gets to
hot, it will melt onto the pick…it is not the best pick, but a
good temporary solution.

hope it helps,
Susan Waldes

Try making a pick out of a metal clothes hanger . . . don’t
forget to sharpen one end. So