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Titanium Link Necklace

Hello everyone, I have a customer who saw what he has said ,was a
titanium curb link necklace while on a cruise. He has asked me to try
and find him one and I am at a dead end.I know that there is at least
one Orchidian that makes titanium wedding bands do we have any others
that delve into necklaces or know a supplier? I am also looking for
Japanese symbols, as he described them, in either wax or finished
product, to hang off the chain. Thank you, Chuck Fizer

Chuck, Try Spectore. I believe they’re in Boca Raton or Delray Beach,
Florida. They probably have an 800 number. I know they do chains.


the Chinese characters to hang from the necklace can easily be done
by your local trophy engraver if you will give them the image to scan
they can engrave it on a flat plate wich you could cut out or not… be


Hello Chuck ALMA finding in the Netherlands has several chains in
necklaces. I do not know what you mean with curb link. maybe you mean
round chains who are twisted to one side and than flatten the chain.
Some ting like that they have. Address:

Alma findings bv Postbox 44 1800 AA Alkmaar Netherlands tel +31 72 520
3333 fax +31 72 520 3300 Mail

Ask for mr Akkerman, he for the titanium and oversees supplies.

Martin Niemeijer