Titanium Laser Welding

Hey Guys.

Anyone had any experience with laser welding titanium ?
Does it work ? Get a strong join ?

I’m hoping to join an 8mm titanium ball to the end of a titanium torque bangle.

I have a laser.


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I am pretty certain you need argon or helium gas for cover as it forms oxides so easily.
Here’s a link: Laser Welding Titanium – EB Industries

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Thanks Jennifer.
Very comprehensive information. Yeah need a gas box. Not quite worth the set up for a one off job for me though.

Can you job out the task? A lot of jewelry stores have laser welders with argon set ups. My guess is that you could get it welded for not huge expense. They might even let you do it yourself if you ask, since welding titanium isn’t common for jewelry stores.

Something to consider.


I’ve had some success with using a PUK 5.1 welding titanium. The argon shielding worked.

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Thanks Jeff.
Its not worth it really. I may look into getting argon for my laser. I’ve been doing ok with out it and most workshops here in the UK don’t bother with it.

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Thanks Judy.
I do prefer the laser. I’ll think about getting argon gas for it in the future.

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