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Titanium knew concepts saw

Hi all. I got my new titanium saw a couple of days ago, the latest
bit of genius from Lee Marshall. I also have an aluminum model, but
I like this one much better.

The mechanism of the first model seemed a little wobbly and twitchy
to me, but I still loved it. The mechanism on the new one, however,
is vastly better!

The cam lever that loosens and tightens the blade is a major boon.
Once set up properly, all it takes is a flip of the lever to loosen
the blade, then another flip to retighten- to exactly the same level
of tension, no tweaking required. Brilliant! The easiest saw ever.

The finish on mine was a little funky, but so what. It’s how it
works that counts. Yes, it might cost more than all your other
frames put together, but you probably won’t be using them any more.
I almost wish I had a big sawing project on the horizon! Hmmm…


I wasn’t even going to mention these saws to the metal-smithing
crowd, but I have been found out.

The Titanium material on these saws is pretty much “as is, what is”.
It is from a rejected bunch of material that did not meet
specifications for the F-22 fighter aircraft. I was able to acquire
it at a “reasonable” price and it readily meets the needs for an
incredibly strong saw frame. It is my attempt to “turn swords into
plowshares”. What was not mentioned was that the blade clamps swivel
45 degrees each way to end stops with a detent at zero. There is
more on the website, including images.