Titanium Finishing

I’ve recently started experimenting with Titanium, and have a couple
questions. First, I’d like to achieve the finish that is often seen
on titanium products, the sand blasted, dark finish. I tried sand
blasting, but that doesn’t produce the darker look. I’ve seen this
finish on watches and golf clubs, and it seems to be the most common
Titanium finish. Is it an oxidation…?

Any reccomendations for someone in Arizona who can cast Ti? Last
Question: I’ve heard a bit about the various alloys, but how are
they stronger? For instance, are Ti 6AL 4V and Ti 6AL 2V 2Sn more
scratch resistant, or do they give greater pressure in a tension
set, all else being equal?

Thanks for your help!

David Tomich
NAU student

dear David, RMS is just an hour away in Clarkdale. We are casting on
an irregular schedule. Usually 6/4. The darkness of sand blasted
surfaces often relates to the consistency of the media. Is it new or
old and broken down? What grit size etc. The darkness can be
increased with a 17 to 22 volt dark blue anodized color added after
blasting. As for the two alloys you mentioned they are close in
Hardness, but 6/4 has a higher tensile and yield. the other
consideration is 6/4 is common and made in many forms the other is
not. I have heard of tension sets being made from Grade #2 seamless
pipe. No one has written the book on tension settings in titanium.
Everybody seems to be doing their own thing. Scratch resistant? Not
really. More resistant then silver or gold? Yes. This stuff is not
chrome. It is metal that has a tendency to gall, when it is highly
polished scratches really stand out. I have always liked scratch
brushed and glass bead surfaces. BIll