Titanium coated druzy

At the G&LW show in Franklin,NC, I bought a few (described to me as)
titanium coated druzy stones. I believe they are quartz and are an
iridescent blue/purple. It was an “over-the-counter” buy and I don’t
know which of the 185+ dealers I purchased from. I purchased a ‘lot’
of stones and have reciepts (with contact info) on most but, not all.
I would like to find a dealer so I can buy more of these. Does
anyone know a source where I might find some? Thank you,

** Hanuman’s Resopnse **

Try Drusy.com - Tiania Drusy

Robbins Mining out of Arkansas has very good quality and prices.
They have a variety of crystals that are Titanium coated. You might
check with them. 870/867-2530 They have always given me excellent

Sharon Perdasofpy

Hi Regis, I do carry the titanium coated drusy on my website. There
are 11 pieces posted on the site . I must check my stock to see if
more is available at this time. There is also titanium coated heart
drusy. The process to coat the titanium is actually a physical vapor
deposition (pvd coating for short) and not a plating.

To see the titanium click on drusy and the click on the sub category
titanium or carved hearts.

Diane Sadel