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Titanium Bands

My customer has requested a flat titanium man’s band, brushed or
matte finish, 6 mm wide, with comfort fit. Is anyone on the list
doing this or could you give me a source. You can e-mail me off line
at @Pattie_Hood1 Thanks, Pattie

I have an idea that if you can’t find anyone manufacturing something
this specific, you could determine the exact inside diameter of the
customer’s size and the thickness of the shank you want. (you
probably won’t be able to size this without access to a laser welder)
and see if Reactive Metals has tubing in the right dimension of
tubing. Then you’d have to saw it off to the right width, file the
comfort edge and sand and finish. I can’t find my Reactive Metals
catalog, but I’d bet someone here can look up that for

I have done a bit of research on titanium on the internet and have
found sites selling rings in many styles. Here are just a few:

A store that sells titanium rings in NYC is Bloom at 361 Madison Ave.
I usually like to see the actual pieces before I’d even consider
buying them. They have a website at Unless
you know someone with the special equipment you need to join the ring
seamlessly and is willing to teach you, don’t try to make it
yourself. If you have the time and really want to learn, then go for
it and have fun! Juliet Gamarci

A way to make a titanium band is to use a hydraulic press and convert
a cut out washer shape into a ring, much as has been done by
traditional goldsmiths forever. The ‘washer’ is placed onto a mandrel
and formed over it until it reaches a 'ring shape. In the same way a
ring can be turned into a washer by flattening it. Another way would
be to turn it, or cut it from mill-supplied titanium tubing.


Charles Lewton-Brain
Box 1624, Ste M, Calgary, Alberta, T2P 2L7, Canada

A little shameless self promotion for myself, but what the hell.

I only make titanium rings. My rings are inlaid with gold, platinum,
or silver and come in a variety of styles. I do not know how to make
jewelry, I only know how to make these titanium bands. I am
self-taught and invented a unique process that allows me to inlay any
precious metal into a titanium band.

Each ring is machined to exact size from a solid bar of aerospace
grade-5 titanium. You cannot make titanium rings from titanium
tubing. I do this as a hobby for now, but it is rapidly becoming a
full-time business. If any of you store owners would like to carry my
products, I am willing to sell at wholesale prices so you can sell at
my web site prices.

Everybody please visit my web site and give me some feedback.


Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

Dr. Statman, I am very impressed by your rings. Now if you can find me
a mate, I’ll send him your way for the ring.

I too prefer the silver on the titanium.

Thank you very much for showing them to us.
Teresa Masters

Hi dan,

It is nice that you make those rings from grade 5 titanium. But isn’t
grade 2, easier to work on. You can also buy it in large sheets. In the
Netherlands you can buy rough rings made from titanium tubing. Even in
2,3,4,5 mm thickness’, and in all sizes. This is an easy start to
build on furter.

Martin Niemeijer


I prefer grade-5 due to its better finish quality. The material is
much harder than grade-2, but that doesn’t mean it is much harder to
work with. If you have the correct tooling, it is not very difficult
to cut grade-5. If you look at the Tag or Breitling Titanium watches,
they are made from grade-5 and are highly polished, unlike the lower
end titanium watches made from grade-2, which doesn’t hold a polish as

I prefer not to work with tubing because it simply limits your
flexibility. Using a solid round bar and a lathe, you can cut any
exact inside/outside diameter you want. It only takes about 20
minutes to go from a solid bar to a roughed out ring on the end of the
bar. Then you simply part it off at the width you want and then
finish it out.

When machining titanium you must be very conscious of the fact that
titanium filings are FLAMMABLE. If the tooling is cutting with too
much friction it can easily ignite the removed chips of titanium.
These chips will burn in oxygen AND nitrogen. This is the only metal
that burns in nitrogen (the major component of air), and it burns much
like magnesium with a very intense flame.

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs


I know it’s a cheek, but could you tell me/us your source for the
titanium you use? I’ve been trying to find one but all I seem to be
able to locate is rather thin sheet and wire.

There are many sources of titanium. I generally buy from Titanium
Industries. Some times I will buy scrap pieces (it doesn’t take much
to make a ring) from some dealers, but you really have to know
something about the metal to get the correct grade. Titanium
Industries has a $300 or $500 minimum order. Here is the link:

If anybody would like a small piece of aerospace grade (grade-5)
titanium to play with, I may be able to sell a few small segments (not
too many , though).

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs