Hi everyone, Many thanks for the help on silver and pearls; I have a
further query which follows on from the earlier titanium thread: I
bought some stuff which looks much like a jeweller’s discards at a
school fete; mostly discs with one ring made of bent tubing, in
bright colours which look closer to anodised titanium than aluminium.
Decoration has been added by rivetting, in a way that I would expect
in this range of metals. They’ve been drilled in the wrong places,
scratched and so on, and I bought them because it was a good cause
and they are useful for practising on. But it would be good to know
just what metal I will be practising on. Can anyone tell me how to
distinguish these metals?

best wishes

The only real way is comparisons. Al. colors will be pigments. they
will not look like interference colors. Al. is very light weight and
color, Ti is heavier and grey, Nb. is dark gray and heavy. If it
drills easily it is aluminium. Bill

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I am planning to work with (machine) titanium/niobium in the near
future. Would you know where I could get bar stock of these metals?
Thanks for your help. Ed Katz, 15434 Rio Plaza, Houston,
TX 77083 @Ed_Katz