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Tips on Silicone Mold Making and wax inectors?

Hi! I’d like to make some silicone molds. Does anyone have any tips or tricks or any advice? Does anyone know any articles on a guide for this? Also, does anyone have any suggestions on a good small yet mighty wax injector? Thanks!

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Check out Cool Tools videos. Also, YouTube and CraftCast.

I have been using SmoothOn’s 2 part liquid silicone mold materials for a bunch of years. You can choose from many options, for instance working time, curing time, strength of cured material and several ratios of part A to part B, etc. Technical help is really nice. Shipping is timely. If you go to their website you will be amazed at all the different mold materials they have. Many are used by people who make cosplay stuff and also movie makers who do monsters and stuff. If you live near Orlando FL, you can take part in clinics on how to use their products. Way cool stuff

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I use Smooth-On’s “00M00 30 Tin Cure Silicone Rubber” (in place of vulcanized rubber). It’s simple 1-1 mix ratio, with a cure time of 30 min. at room temperature, make it relatively simple. I use it primarily to make quick RTV molds of custom wax models, or heat sensitive objects, before I cast the final master in silver or gold. If the casting does not turn out good, for any reason, I can inject the RTV mold again to make another wax, thereby saving the time it took to make the original wax. You will need a small wax injector with a hand pump to do this, but not a Vulcanizer. A Vulcanizer is great for more production runs, but this is great for one-offs, etc.