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Tips & Ideas wanted: selling a line of jewelry


Help: we can’t keep our reps!

We have a solid line of freshwater pearl designs (necklace,
bracelet, earring) sold to trade only. Wholesale price points from
$10 to $1000+ with an average around $55 (with triple key MSRP).
We’ve got 80 customers in 14 states in the Midwest over 3 years of
inconsistent sales rep coverage.

The product, we believe, is just fine.

(Reps have left due to health issues and being offered outstanding
exclusive deals with top names.)

And if no one knows about us. they won’t buy!

Looking for sales channel development ideas - to date, we’ve relied
100% on independent, part time sales reps and don’t really know what
else is even possible (besides trade shows & direct mail marketing to
stores, both of which are coming soon).

Please share ideas, resources, people, forums-whatever you’ve got
that you’ve seen work.