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Tips for Bernzomatic torch


I would like to find out if Bernzomatic has tips that are like the
mini tips that Smith Little Torch, or Hoke use. If not, can the tips
from Smith or Hoke be used on my Bernzomatic Specialty Torch that
uses Mapp and Oxygen.

Thanks so very much.



if your bernzomatic is fixed, that is the mixing is done in a black
handle connected to the unit, then can’t change or add
tips.just keep it clean. If you have the quick fire attachment,
again, no you can’t change or add tips. If you have the acatylene and
room air type of torch then you can add /change tips, but i don’t
believe they take the adapter that Hoke’s and smith /gentec little
torches use.

I have called Bernzomatic with the same question…therepresentative
i got knew nothing about their torch products.I called the 1-800
number printed on their packaging…I also have a Bernzomatic that
uses Mapp and O2 disposable cannisters, it is great for annealing
and melting- but soldering, unless it’s big like a belt buckle, or
holloware,is not the most ideal…the hoke with the adapters, and
ultrafine tip set ( about 15-20 bucks) is the better bet. remeber, if
you are using tanks larger than disposables ( type 'B", ‘MC’, etc.)
that you shouldn’t use different gasses in the same fuel lines…get
a" y" connector and run one to the mapp and another to acetylerne or
propane or - heaven help you- hydrogen…Even though you probably know
that already, it’s just intended as a a friendly,non-condescending
reminder. also it can’t hurt to put a check valve on the lines as
well- they are superior to flashback arrestors for light duty use, in
my opinion. the Bernzomatic mapp/O2 has a built in flashback arrestor
in the handle of the static unit, but if you are considering
branching out check vavles are a good addition to the system
particularly if you solder with propane -which stays low to the
ground, and acetylene or MAPP which rises…either can be ignited by
flipping a light switch that can throw a spark in your soldering room
and you have a leak or improperly tightened connections that haven’t
been detected…