Tip on removing a stuck ring

A tip to remove a ring stuck on a finger: Spray Windex liberally on
the finger all around the ring–try to get it under the ring too. It
also helps to hold the hand up vertically above the heart so the
blood rushes down. The key is the Windex…I know it sounds
ridiculous, but it works every time.

Artemys Design

Now Nikki,, is that Windex suggestion from "My Big Fat Greek
Wedding"? <grin> 

In my experience, cooking oil works great if it is poured onto the
finger so as to get under the ring, even if it takes a little time or
lots of oil.


I may be “preaching to the choir,” and ALL Orchidians may know
this, but: Removing a ring without cutting (the ring OR the finger)
requires at least three hands.

One is wearing the ring.

One is applying lubricant (Windex, hand lotion, cooking oil, ALL

The most important one is pulling back on the flesh of the finger
BEHIND the ring (closer to the ‘web’ and the wrist. This prevents
the flesh from ‘bunching up’ in FRONT of the ring and making it
impossible to remove. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings

Windex works great , does not "goop " up the ring as other
lubricants will , and most stores will have some readily available .
Re; Big fat greek wedding we ask customers if they are familiar with
it before producing the windex bottle ad often get a good laugh

Mark Clodius

I remember reading this tip on removing extremely stubborn rings,
apparently used by morticians: take some sewing thread, and
starting on the side toward the fingernail, feed one end of the
thread under the ring (toward the wrist), just long enough to grasp.
Now take the thread on the other side of the ring, and wind it around
the finger, essentially wrapping the finger in thread, past the
knuckle. Then, take the loose end that you first threaded under the
ring, and start unwrapping the finger. The ring supposedly works its
way over the thread, and over the knuckle with no problem. Another
thing I’ve heard of as a ring removing lubricant is some extremely
slippery stuff called Silk. You find it in the pharmacy
by the “intimate” lubricants. Probably more effective than soap or oil.

the most basic thing people do wrong is to pull downward on the
finger. First hold the hand upright, with the fingers pointing
skyward, for a few minutes. The blood flows out of the finger,
making it somewhat less fleshy. Even retailers don’t seem to know
this very simple and logical step.

Ettagale Blauer

The String trick works but not for a ring that should have been
removed a month ago!!!.. Still cant beat the ‘Ring Saw’… If it was
me with the finger problem. I would want the Saw!!! . I would even
buy one . And if you have ever had a serious ring-finger problem. and
seen the person’s pain… so would you. Jim