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Tip: How to remove a broken key from a lock

At my last show, I found that somehow a key had gotten broken off in
the lock of one of my portable acrylic display cases.

After I got home from the show, I spent a couple hours
unsuccessfully trying to pull that stub of key out of the lock with
tweezers, pliers, sticky wax, clay, magnets, wire, and dental picks.
I finally gave up trying to figure it out myself and and googled
"removing broken key from lock". The very first website on the list
had a suggestion I hadn’t tried. It said to take a piece of broken
coping saw blade, insert it into the lock with the teeth of the
blade pointing back toward myself, push the teeth against the key,
and pull back. I used a broken piece of fairly coarse jewelers saw
blade, and followed their directions. Within 3 seconds, I had the
piece of broken key in my hand, the lock is fine and my case is
useable again. I thought I should share this with Orchid in case
someone else ever has a similar problem.

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Jewelry