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Tiny stones

I am trying, without much success, to find a source of some small
brilliants. I need about a dozen little white spinel or quartz
(single refractive) facetted stones about 0.7 to 1.0mm in diameter
(0.03" to 0.04") to set into a pair of replacement watch hands for a
lovely, early 18th century, French pocket watch. I’ve had no luck
with normal internet searches so, if someone could point me towards a
source, preferably in the UK though I’m ready to try anywhere, I’d
be very grateful. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK


I am not quiet sure you will easily find faceted Quartz the size you
need without having someone cut them for you. You might find white
Spinel and more likely find White Sapphire.

There is a source you can try called House Of Onyx here in the U.S.
Their prices are a little high but you might find what you are
looking for. I don’t have their contact but they do have
a website. I believe it is

Before you order stones let me bring something to your attention. If
this is an 18th cent. Watch you should be using either rose cut or
table cut stones to make it look authentic. You will need someone to
cut those for you so you should be looking for a lapidary.

Good Luck
Greg DeMark
Custom Jewelry - Handmade Jewelry - Antique Jewelry

Try I have gotten some unusual stones from
them in the past and always been happy with what I got. Very tiny
sizes, and can be had in diamond cut, much easier to set securely in
odd things like that.



Try R.M. Weare & Co Ltd. PO Box 9 York YO3 4QW Tel. 01904 693933.
I’ve had 1mm synthetic spinel from them in the past. If you fail, I
have a few 1mm “eight cut” synthetic spinel I can spare, but not
enough for your needs.

Alan Lewis
South Wales
Tel.01639 644410

Thanks to all who responded. I haven’t managed to find a supplier
yet of cut stones but have got some synthetic sapphire rod so I
guess I’ll have to try my hand at cutting some stones myself…;o)

Best Wishes,
Ian W. Wright
Sheffield UK

This is not quite what you asked for but in a catalog that I have
from Pioneer Gems ( they have listed white
sapphire of 2mm, 0.04 cts also white zircon at 1.75mm, 0.03 cts.
Those are the smallest listed. Might give them a try.

Fred Meredith