Tiny sterling casting

Some questions about casting:

  1. Is it possible to easily cast things made with 22ga wax wires? If
    they are based on a silver sheet backing? If they are not based, but
    just a network of wires–such as wings of in insect that are not
    resting on the body?

  2. What is the thinnest gauge of sheet wax that will withstand

  3. If I lose a tiny piece of a bug that is getting ready to have a
    silicone mold made, such as a tiny leg, and don’t want to risk
    soldering it back on, would it work to crazy-glue the piece back on?
    Would it hold up in the process of making the mold?

I just started working with a new Casting Company that I’d like to

Satco Casting
Ask For Don.

They have a website (satcocasting.com) and they actually do all
kinds of very fancy things. However they seem to enjoy the
'little’things I bring them, are extremely accommodating, helpful,
and one can bring the items in person, (with a call ahead of time so
they you are coming.)

, or mail them in.There is parking right outside. New Hyde Park is a
little past the New York City Line on Long Island, NY, and right
near the New Hyde Park LIRR train Station.Their prices seem to be in
line with other casters.

No, I am not related to anyone there, but I am so delighted to find
someone in the NYC area that is easily accessibile by car, and happy
to do my little things, that I want to let everyone know!

Best Wishes to all
Sandra Buchholz
Elegant insects Jewelry

you can cast pretty thin wires…a lot thinner than most casting
places will want to deal with. I cast filigree where the wires are
approximately 1 mm X 0.5 mm, but my frameworks are heavier…approx 1
mm square. One of the keys is to cast at a higher flask and silver
temp so that it doesn’t solidify before it can get into the fine