Tiny pits in opaque enamel on flat copper :(

Im using 1995 opaque black 80 mesh opaque.
Im sifting onto 24 gauge copper circles to make watch dials… i am dry sifting on top and wet packing counter enamel on back… im not using any klyr for fire or alternative adhesive before dry sifting…

But… after pulling the dials fron the kiln i keep having tiny tiny little pits… :frowning:
Is this from not firing long enough? Inconsistent temperature? Grain size? Ive attwched a photo…
Any advice would be amazinh for me… :slight_smile:

This pitting is fairly standard for many soft black enamels. Try…

… grinding back, applying another sifted coat and re-firing.


… grinding back and then flash firing at a high temperature.

You may have to use a different enamel.

Thanks tony. You are very kind… :slight_smile: :sunny: