Tiny holes in ruby beads

A while ago I had a question about a strand of ruby beads I bought
that had tiny holes, and what to string them on. I thought I’d
update you as to the solution I found.

[Orchid] Stringing beads with tiny holes

I used Beadalon, the very smallest size I could find. It worked
beautifully. The necklace look great, and I have no fears that the
beads will cut through the Beadalon as they did the silk I’d tried.

And while it took a couple of tries to get the crimp beads to hold,
they’re really secure now. After I crimped it, I pulled very hard on
it to make sure there would be no surprises later on.

Thanks to all who replied to my question. This group is the best
resource I’ve ever found!

Janet Kofoed